5 Essentials Your Email Marketing Automation Tool Must Have

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=pet-meds-lasix-40mg Are you in the market for a great email marketing tool? If so, there is an abundance of choices, each packed out with lots of features and functionality. So, how can you pick the one with the tools you are most likely to use and get benefit from? Here are the top features to insist on when choosing your marketing automation software.

no prescription german pharmacy prednisone 1. HTML Buttons

Email marketing automation

cheap generic propecia from canadian pharmacy The HTML buttons allow you to design pretty emails that look and act more like a Webpage than an ordinary email. This feature really sets your emails apart from the mundane text emails everyone gets — and ignores.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=buy-propecia-in-canada HTML buttons utilize HTML (and also CSS) code to create effects that you would on a website, such as Reply or Send. This feature makes the email more attractive and user-friendly, delivering the recipient an experience that feels like visiting a website instead of just opening a boring text-based email. HTML buttons are especially effective for utilizing CTAs within the body of the email.

http://www.slccolorado.org/storage/proscar/ 2. Auto Responses

can levitra cause a heart attack Autoresponders in your marketing automation tool allow you to collect information on the leads from your Web forms and landing pages, and then have the email marketing platform automatically deliver the lead an email based on certain predetermined criteria. For instance, you can develop the email in response to the content they downloaded or the answers they submitted on the Web form. This feature allows you to begin lead nurturing immediately, when the chances of conversion are the highest.

enter 3. Responsive Email Design

go to link Email marketing tools of old optimized email design based on a PC experience, because most users were using desktop PCs to read emails. Today’s users are a mixture of smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC users, all with different screen sizes and interfaces. It’s essential to choose an email marketing automation tool that utilizes responsive design, so that emails are optimized for the user’s device.

enter 4. Scrubbing for Deliverability

Email marketing automation

An important part of managing email marketing campaigns is scrubbing email addresses that get bounced and eliminating recipients who never open your emails or respond to your messages. A good email marketing automation tool will offer a feature that helps you manage scrubbing.

women free viagra A good email marketing automation solution will include a feature to improve deliverability of emails by scrubbing for the most common reasons why emails end up in junk or spam boxes instead of inboxes. This includes scrubbing emails after a hard bounce, setting the threshold for soft bounces lower, and adjusting email delivery based on open rates and response rates. Not only does this feature help improve your email marketing success rates, it also screens out those who don’t want to receive your emails, meaning you have a better overall reputation for not spamming folks.

follow 5. Empowering Drip Campaigns and Nurturing Campaigns

Nurturing programs and drip campaigns help improve sales conversions by assisting the sales team in their efforts to follow up with leads and customers. This feature is especially useful when your products have extremely long sales cycles because it allows fewer prospects and customers to fall through the cracks during those stretches of time between purchases.

While most email marketing automation tools these days do offer these features and functions, training and good product support are essential for learning how to use them and assuring that marketing and sales workers are used to using them.

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